SRV Associates - It's all about Value

Selling Your Business


 SRV Associates only takes on a few clients; we actively represent each of them. 
ACTIVE REPRESENTATION  means we go out and get the buyers,   

  ... we don't just wait to see who's interested.


What can YOU expect?


We learn about your business, its competitive position,
its strengths, its financial drivers, and we use that to prepare
a descriptive memorandum about the business.


 We find the most logical buyers for your business. You may
 already know many of them, but there are others. 
 We do the research.



         We introduce your business to the prospects -
confidentially,  at first, if that's what you need. We ask them to sign 
a confidentiality agreement before they can see the details. 

We bring the prospects along on effective timelines;
we let them know that there may be other  
buyers doing the same thing. 


 We negotiate on your behalf, and with your guidance, with
 the prospects that see the highest value. This provides the best
 opportunity to get full value for the business you have built. 

 Once you've signed a letter of intent, we continue to work
with you through the buyer's due diligence process,
 to make sure the process stays on track.



We develop a marketing plan, and execute it.





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