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Frequently Asked Questions

REMEMBER:  SRV Associates only takes on a few clients; we actively represent each of them. 

Is Active Representation for every business?

  • If your business has regional or national scope and generates more than $100,000 in income, this could be for you. Strictly local businesses, and smaller retail operations are most efficiently served by the brokerage network...and we're just not real estate broker 


Is Active Representation expensive?

  • Once you've committed yourself to an exit strategy, it's the only way to maximize your return. You do commit time and money to making it work, and so do we.


Why do I need Active Representation?

  • We know how to manage the process so that the business gets in front of the right people. They know you're committed, and they know others will be interested as well. They can't play the waiting game, and they know they're not the only game in town.
  • We've done this before. You haven't. And you only get to do it once.


Do you guarantee results?

  • No. We've advised clients to walk away from fair offers if we were satisfied they could fix the business and get a lot more later...and, sadly, we've had clients who couldn't bring themselves to sell at a fair price even though the value was facing erosion.
  • We work on a best efforts basis. But we are confident that if we take the assignment we will get an excellent offer onto the table.


Why do you require a fee during the selling process?

  • The monthly retainer embodies our mutual commitment to the sale of the business. It is applied to the final fee, which is based on the value of the sale.

By accepting a fee, we commit our resources to serving your enterprise. If we didn't accept a fee, you'd have no claim on our time.

By paying a fee, you commit substantial resources to the sale. It's more than just a "test" of the market to see what you can get. You're putting your hard-earned money to work, and we know you don't take that decision lightly.




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